Entries are judged by qualified FPRA members from outside the Jacksonville Chapter. Judges must be Accredited in Public Relations (APR) and must have previously won an award in the Image Award or Golden Image Award competition. Judges first read and evaluate the summary that accompanies the entry. Seventy percent of the scoring is based on the summary, which sets out the reason/need for the creation of the public relations program or tool, how the program or tool was implemented, and the results. The judges then review the support materials for professionalism, innovation, and design to score the remaining 30 percent of the entry.

The judging method allows the judges to concentrate on the following criteria required in each summary:

  1. Research/Situation Analysis– Summarize how you identified the issue, need or problem; how you developed a PR strategy/product/tool for addressing the issue; and how you identified the target audience. Include any formal and/or informal research methods that helped solve the problem or leverage the opportunity.
  2. Objectives– Clearly state the specific, measurable objectives (qualitative and/or quantitative) that this program or tool was designed to achieve.
  3. Implementation– Outline the steps used to achieve the stated objectives. 
  4. Evaluation– Explain how the success of the program or tool was measured. Report how well it achieved its objectives.
  5. Budget– Explain the financial outlay required for development, implementation, and evaluation of this program or tool. Reporting staff time agency/corporation/nonprofit/government should be expressed in a total dollar amount for the entire number of hours. Hourly rates, salaries or total number of hours are not necessary. Explain how these expenses relate to the project’s success

Download the Judging Criteria.